Hello everyone: Per Judi Ruff, and as discussed in yesterday’s DC and Executive Committee meeting, here is the e-mail address to forward any questions regarding Health Benefits. NJREAHealthBenefitsChair@gmail.com

The NJEA Research and Economic Services Division will offer ten webinars in order to explain and answer questions about the New Jersey Educators Health Plan which goes into effect January 1, 2021. This new medical plan impacts only non-Medicare retirees; it does not affect retirees who currently have Medicare coverage.
​NJREA urges all non-Medicare retirees to register for one of the webinars to learn more about the NJEHP and how the transition to the plan will occur. One must be an NJREA member to register for one of the following webinars:

8/31 Monday 10:00 AM
​​​9/2 Wednesday 2:00 PM
9/8 Tuesday 10:00 AM
​​ 9/10 Thursday 4:00 PM
​ 9/14 Monday 2:00 PM
9/16 Wednesday 4:00 PM
​​​ 9/22 Tuesday 2:00 PM
​ ​ 9/24 Thursday 10:00 AM
​​​ 9/28 Monday 4:00 PM
​​ 9/30 Wednesday 10:00 AM

When you log into the registration link below, you will be asked to verify your email address and select one of the webinars listed above.
Please take this opportunity to learn and understand your health benefits.

Judy Perkins, NJREA President and Judi Ruff, NJREA Health Benefits Committee Chair